Functionality of New Media

The foundation of New Media is composed of technology and the internet. The key is connectivity. News can spread around the entire globe in mere seconds. A major earthquake can strike in China and someone there posts the information on Twitter and boom, the entire world knows about it instantly. Tweets are generally available to the public, unless your account is made private, but let’s face it, nothing is really private on the internet. All it takes is a screenshot, then a repost and your private status is now completely public. One reason news spreads so fast on Twitter is because of the ability to retweet a tweet. You may tweet something to your 1,000 followers, but that tweet has the potential to reach millions of people. If just 5 of your followers retweet it that means all of their followers will also be able to see it. Say they have 1,000 followers each as well, now your tweet can be seen by 5,000 people. But what if it were retweet by 100 of your followers? What if some of those people have several thousand followers? It can go on and on. This use of instant connectivity is exactly what makes New Media so powerful. There really is no limit to how far it can go with just the click of a button.


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