Being Digital

Being digital in today’s society involves so much more than just media. So many things in our everyday lives are now digitalized. Our microwaves have a digital interface. Washers and dryers also now have a digital interface. Watches on our wrists are mostly digital instead of analog, most analog watches now are primarily for fashion. All of these things and so many more are now digital and have nothing to do with media. That is how digitalized our society has become.

As for media, just about anything and everything has become digital. Smartphones are likely the leading factor in the revolution. Smartphones are what paved the way for apps like Twitter, Instagram, FaceBook, Snapchat, etc. In addition to that, now most of those apps will intertwine together and link up, if you choose to do so, so that your posts on one will show up on another.

A key ingredient of why being digital has become so popular is the ability to be mobile. Everything that you used to have to go home and log on to your computer and wait for the internet to catch up, you can now do in just a few seconds on your mobile device, and you can do it while you’re in the coffee shop, or walking down the sidewalk, or driving a car, though not recommended.


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