The 2016 Election and Twitter

Donald Trump utilized the ability to Tweet directly to the audience of voters, and receive feedback on their reactions to his voice. Twitter was used as a medium of communication between Trump and the American people. This connection makes the voters feel closer to their candidate, and was a positive boost for his campaign.

This week in class we have discussed how digital media influences and impacts politics. After discussing in class and reading articles online, I decided to post about¬†Donald Trump’s use of Twitter in his campaign for the 2016 Presidential Election. The key to this week’s discussion and learning is that what Trump said in his Tweets isn’t what matters. What matters is the fact that he used Twitter as a medium for propelling his campaign and ultimately winning the election. It goes back to “The Medium is the Message,” Dr. Lucas tells us in class that the content is irrelevant, it’s the container that matters. Trump’s Tweets are the perfect example of this. The majority of people hate Trump’s Tweets because they are “unprofessional” and certainly not the norm for publicly released comments by a President of the United States. The reason his Tweets matter is not because of what he says in them. The content doesn’t matter. Twitter matters. Twitter is the container. Twitter allowed him to directly speak to his 28+ million followers at any given time. Hillary had about half that many followers on Twitter. Trump averaged about 11 Tweets per day, while Hillary averaged about 27, during their campaigns. These stats were according to¬†Clinton vs. Trump: How They Used Twitter, a page on The Wall Street Journal website. Even though Hillary tweeted more on average, she didn’t have the audience that Trump had. Trump’s twice as many followers was more than twice as effective. Matt Kapko, Senior Writer for CIO, thinks that the next election could also be impacted by Twitter, if it’s still in business.


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