Hi, my name is Clint Wynn. This is my personal blog about New Media and things that it involves. The purpose of this blog is to discuss what is going on in New Media and research facts about it. New Media affects us all in different ways. For some it means utilizing the internet to our advantage in our businesses. Even if your career has nothing to do with media, chances are you will have a social media account to get yourself out there. Regardless of the field for your business, using Instagram and Facebook for advertising is definitely the way to go in today’s society. If you aren’t taking advantage of these tools you aren’t maximizing your business.

On a personal level, my passion is baseball. I want to be a sports journalist for a magazine or even for a specific baseball team to write up results of games. In order to maximize this ability, social media accounts like Twitter are effective to spread this information quickly and with ease.

More about me here.

Twitter: @clintwynn_mgsu